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24/7 Surf Kitsune Rules


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24/7 Surf Kitsune Rules

 No Mic Spamming

 If told to turn music off by the majority of the server, turn it off.

 No Spamming Chat

 No Music Without SLAM/Other Music Playing Software

 No Racism (Slurs are allowed if not directed towards anyone.) (Custom tags cannot have racial slurs. [VIPs])

 Do Not Post Phishing Links

 Do Not Post Inappropriate Links

 Do Not Ask Staff About Your Moderator Application

 Do Not Pretend To Be Apart Of Astro Gaming Staff

 Do Not Make Threats To DDOS The Servers

 Do Not Advertise other Servers

 Do Not Exploit Bugs or Glitches

 Do Not Use a VPN and/or Proxy

Last Revision: 10/31/2021

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