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  1. Mr. Kitty - After Dark Mother Falcon - NPR Tiny Desk Concert
  2. imagine deleting a shit ton of posts just to win smh @twist
  3. Hey so as the title says, I am curious - Is there any reasoning for your username ??? Any backstory/nickname/etc.? Why did you choose it? Thought there may be some interesting stories out of this.
  4. for memes. nothing offensive please make sure to follow forum rules.
  5. toro. aka fatty tuna at sushi places
  6. Discord Nitro!! Game is simple just be the last person to post here!! I'll start this off!
  7. It's time for a game It starts when one person asks a true/false question and the person below them will say True or False then explain and then leave a question for the next person Only rules - you can't post twice in a row and keep it clean-ish (save that nasty stuff ) I will start things off: The person below likes to eat sushi
  8. itskr0nik


    works for me. but before u donate lets make sure we can change that
  9. 30 years old today....lookin like im 15

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