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  1. Just want to say thanks to those that made my time here a good one, see you all around some time 

    1. Marble


      later nerd

  2. sounds like you pulled some wires either fully off the jack or it’s partially loose and they are shortening the sound out. Hence the distortion. My suggestion is that you open up the jack and check it out. Should be a straightforward replacement
  3. hamburger cheeseburger bigmac whopper

  4. Sushi good but fried chicken real better
  5. Here the results for admin applications will be posted. Keep in mind the most common reasons applications are denied are: Low game or discord activity In game chat spam or toxicity Poorly written applications If you were denied make sure you meet the requirements for applying and give at least 2 full weeks before you submit another. For any other information regarding your application contact [Latif], [Stammerbighead]
  6. Post any maps you want added to the RTV server below!
  7. Post your favorite songs below!
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