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  1. Global Rules ► No Mic Spamming ► If told to turn music off by the majority of the server, turn it off. ► No Spamming Chat ► No Music Without SLAM/Other Music Playing Software ► No Racism (Slurs are allowed if not directed towards anyone.) (Custom tags cannot have racial slurs. [VIPs]) ► Do Not Post Phishing Links ► Do Not Post Inappropriate Links ► Do Not Ask Staff About Your Moderator Application ► Do Not Pretend To Be Apart Of Astro Gaming Staff ► Do Not Make Threats To DDOS The Servers ► Do Not Exploit Bugs or GlitchesServersnd or Proxy
  2. https://astrogaming.org/store/category/1-account-upgrades/
  3. After looking at your Chat Logs you have posted many discord links and the punishment was justified, the ban was reduced to 1 day and has expired. Please read our rules here
  4. twist


    I've transferred it aswell as added 3days to your subscription
  5. twist


    I can transfer your vip to a new account if you would like, just reply here with your new account and i will transfer it
  6. twist


    because you registered with steam we can not change the steam account that is currently linked to change it you have to make a new forum account
  7. Go to https://astrogaming.org/clients/purchases/ click Manage next to your purchase and under the picture click Cancel Renewals.
  8. You know we can see chat logs rightbro
  9. twist

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
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